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A reasonable response

1 John 3:16 We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us.


Romans 5:8

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.


When Jesus stepped out of the glories and the perfection of heaven to be born in a stable and to live on this earth, what must have that been like? The only thing that I can compare it to, and it is a very poor comparison, is if you voluntarily left your loving spouse, said goodbye to your precious family, gave up your spacious home with your soft bed in your choices meals anytime that you wanted them, if you gave up your recreation and your comforts, your entertainment, the hot showers and moved into the shabbiest high-security prison in the Third World to live among the worst criminals. You would be in misery. You would be appalled at the conditions. You would be morally offended at the inhumanity that surrounded you. The atmosphere of misery, hatred and hopelessness would be foreign to you. Voluntarily going into that situation is just a glimpse of what it must’ve been like for Jesus to step onto planet Earth.


What made it worse is that Jesus came out of love and his love was rejected. At one point in the life of Jesus you find him weeping; he is standing on a hill overlooking Jerusalem and he’s weeping for the people. These are the very same people who would betray him, lie about him, call him a devil, ridicule him, beat him, mock him, never believe who we said he was, torture him and eventually nail into a cross.


Why is he weeping over these ungrateful reprobates? Because he wants to gather them up under his arms and give them His father’s love, give them salvation, give them abundant life, give them a place in the family of God, give them new life, raise them from their deadness, but they wouldn’t have it. They show their thanks by selecting the life of Barabbas over the life of Jesus and they kill him. But he doesn’t stay dead. God raises him from the dead and exalts in to the highest place with a name that is above every other name.


My question to is; what is a reasonable response to this? What is a reasonable, rational, logical response to Jesus who does this for us?


Some people respond by choosing Jesus as their lifeguard; they want him to watch over them and jump in if he sees them in trouble.


Some people choose him as their religious preference. We just prefer Jesus more than the other guys that called themselves messiahs.


Some people choose him as their estranged wife; like a passionless marriage, two people living in the same home but living their lives in different directions. No real intimacy.


Some people choose him as their insurance policy; if something happens then I will be covered.


Some people choose him as their Golden corral; we are into the stuff that we like and we avoid the stuff that doesn’t appeal to us.


But is that a reasonable response? Is that reasonable? Are you seriously going to choose to say to Jesus, “I put you in this compartment and don’t come out, I make you nominal in my life, and by the way, keep me safe, bless my marriage, get me some good jobs, amen.”


If this is real, if there’s something to this that are reasonable response is to fall on our knees and…

–       get all of Jesus that there is to get

–      and you know all of Jesus there is to know

–      and to believe all that Jesus says there is to believe

–      and to go after the things that Jesus says are worthy to go after

–      and to do everything Jesus tells us to do

–      and to Do Life the way Jesus tells us to do it

–      and to praise Jesus like he’s worthy of it

–      and to lay down before him my every talent, my every dollar, my every hour because it matters how I spend them, and ask him what pleases him.

–      My reasonable response is to make him famous not me famous, to get him glory and not me glory, to get him praise and not me praise.

–      My reasonable response is to stop putting me first because Jesus already promised to take care of me, now I can serve others.


That is what’s reasonable. Nothing less than that makes sense at all.


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