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A Morning Prayer for the Resistance

This morning I come against self-pity, depression, ungodly, and low thoughts about myself.
I reject rejection.
I defeat defeat.
In the name of Jesus I take every thought of condemnation, every stronghold of self-hatred and I take every thought and voice in me captive in Jesus name.
I refuse to indict myself.
I refuse to judge myself.
I refuse to incriminate myself.
I freely confess any sin in my life and put it under the blood of Jesus Christ and I will walk as a forgiven man.

I avail myself of the grace of God, every one of his riches, every spiritual blessing and I am complete in Christ; I’m not completed by church attendance, I’m not completed by my wife, I’m not completed by my weight, I’m not completed by my children, I’m not completed by finances, I am complete in Christ and Christ alone. I receive every blessing in the heavenly places given to me through the cross of Jesus.

I will no longer walk by sight but I walk by faith.
I will no longer be tossed by the waves of emotion, I will not be codependent with what happened at church or at work today, I will stand on the truth that Jesus is building his church and he knows what he’s doing.
I accept my circumstances as part of God’s divine order whether it’s his blessing or whether it’s his discipline.

I lift my eyes off of myself and onto the Lord. I will stop punishing myself and beating myself up for my past failures and live with God as my father and my dad. I believe that his redemption touches every area of my life past, present and future. And his redeeming power is at work now.

By faith I will put my hand to the plow to what I have to do now and get it done. I repute whining and will fix what I can fix.
I will fear no evil.
I accept that I am walking in the land of snakes and scorpions but none of these will hurt me in Jesus name.
I will focus on where God is working and not where He is not. I rebuke discouragement in Jesus name. I received my daily bread and take each day as its own adventure with its own opportunities and prearranged meetings as directed by the hand of God.
I will be bold and speak of Jesus in every opportunity.
I will pray with people at every opportunity.
I will love my wife today at every opportunity.
I will use my words to build and not to tear down.
I am a rebuilder of the city.
I am a repairer of the breach.
I am light to the world.
I bring joy and encouragement.
Things are different where I show up.
I will live and enjoy this day.
I will lead without fear this day.
I will make healthy decisions this day.
I will make God’s name famous this day.
I will live in the abundance of the kingdom and I reject the scarcity and poverty mindset of lesser things.
I declare that I’m living under the hand of God whether it be few or plenty.
I declare the glory of God at work in my midst no matter what my eyes behold.

I will take up my shield of faith in the sword of the Spirit and not loosen my grip. I see my enemy as crushed and defeated at the cross of Jesus and that I fight from victory and not for victory.

Like the prodigal son the end of my story is full inclusion in the family, full redemption, full forgiveness, and a restoration of everything that sin had taken away from me and I refuse to live at any level that is any less than that.

I accept my setbacks and my defeats to shape me shape, shape others, to shape the church, to shape the future and I reject them as punishment and a sign of me being a failure.

I’m not doing lowlife anymore, I’m not doing guilty life anymore, I’m not doing “I don’t deserve life” anymore, I’m not doing “rejoicing when others fail” life anymore, I’m not doing pride anymore, I’m not withholding love anymore; Lord I find my life in you. I reject my pride and ask you to remove it from my being.

Lord, I run to you, my shepherd, and find my satisfaction in you.


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