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Victims are entitled to compensation. Somebody should pay for the wrong that has been done to them and that somebody should be the rest of us.


I know some victims (unfortunately most of the wrongs done against them in life were a result of their own poor choices, but that doesn’t really matter, they still play the victim card.) Their favorite song is that old standard, “hey, won’t you play, another somebody done somebody wrong song.” Somebody has done them wrong and the wrong done against them is so bad that they may never be able to recover. The injustice against them has become a shrine, maybe even the cornerstone of their whole life. They are in constant need of sympathy and compassion because “nobody understands what I have been through.”


I have no doubt that there are some real victims out there, but a victim mentality has become a cultural trend. It’s almost an American past time. Along with being a victim comes the victim mentality which goes something like this;


–      Because I’m a victim I bear no responsibility for my condition. Your condition is actually my fault, I made you that way and how dare I insinuate that you may be responsible for your own condition. “You made me feel this way, the cigarette companies did this to us, my teachers didn’t like me so I dropped out…” Yes, it’s everybody else’s fault except your own.


–      Because I’m a victim I am absolved of accountability. Don’t dare ask a victim the hard questions to make them accountable for where they are in life; that is insensitive and unfair. Victims avoid accountability like the plague. They would rather recount the story of their injustice than to admit that they actually had anything to do with their present condition.


–      Because I’m a victim I am entitled. Not only am I entitled to be compensated for my sad circumstances and injustices but I should be given leeway to be able to say things and express attitudes that would be inappropriate for those who haven’t been victimized like I have. In other words, when I get angry and fly off the handle and say outrageous things I should be given sympathy because it’s part of my condition as a victim. Victims are entitled to extra understanding, extra sympathy, extra privileges, extra leniency, etc. Entitlement is just another way to say, “you owe me and you better pay up. It’s your fault that I am the way that I am and now you have to make it up to me.”


It is hard to talk to victims because they constantly hide behind their victimhood as an excuse for everything. When one person is blaming another person for the condition of their life it almost makes it impossible to make a move for the better. Logically, if your condition is my fault, then for you to get better would require me to do something about your condition. For you to get better would start with me and that is just illogical and a dumb way to live life. All true change has to start with humility (victims tend to be arrogant), taking responsibility for my life (victims blame others), and taking a step (victims wait for others to take steps).


Don’t fall prey to a victim mentality. When your life is no longer your responsibility or your fault you are in a very dangerous place.


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