I am Pastor of the Liberty Street Church in Parkersburg, WV since 1988. I am married with 3 children and have a passion for God, for His church, and for those who are yet to be in his church.


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  1. Peter ⋅

    I just read you “Not Too Late” article / sermon. I have to say that it is the most biblically insightful piece of writing that I have seen for many years. You don’t know me but if you did you would understand that, coming from me, that is saying a lot.

    I am a former part-time preacher / part-time pastor with a story so utterly amazing that it can genuinely be called incredible, i.e. unbelievable. Of course I won’t attempt to even begin to speak of it here. I will say though that after 30 years of what I have been through my answer to Jesus, had he asked me, “Do you believe this?” as he did Martha, would have to be “No Lord, I do not. I want to but I simply cannot.”

    I disagree with one aspect of your article – there are some things that are time sensitive and when that time has gone it has gone. How many 80 year old women do you know who have a baby by miraculous intervention? How many 90 year old men do you know who finally get to be involved in ministry as a pastor or whatever? I’m being extreme here to make a point. Sure God controls time but he very rarely manipulates it.

    I know that my illness has affected my mind and maybe I am just blinded now but I have spent my entire life believing that it was not too late, that around the next corner God could have that open door or that delliverance and it never happened. Now even if I wanted to I have no faith to keep chasing the rainbow’s end.

    I share this with you reluctantly because I do not want to in any way discourage you. But I am a desperate and lonely man and I couldn’t pass up the chance to interact with somebody, especially a man of such clear biblical insight.

    It may be that my life is an anomaly – one of those mysteries that is never understood on this side of eternity…but that doesn’t make the horror of it any easier to bear. I wish that I had the faith to believe that it isn’t too late even now and faith to accept all that has happened to me as being all part of God’s great master plan but but I just can’t anymore.

    • I wrote this because many people feel that it’s “too late” for them to have any significant change in their life. We must combat despair with God’s word and God’s character. One of Satan’s tools is to isolate, insulate and make us feel that we are the only ones who ever go thru the stuff we go thru. I don’t know your story, but I do know God. Please find some fellowship where you can share your story with others.

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