It Is Finished

John 19:30 When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.


I have lived like an utter fool. I have looked for completeness, wholeness, validation and worth in many things other than Jesus. When Jesus said “it is finished” I didn’t take it seriously.


I thought that when my kids were on their own and living right it would be finished, then I could feel good about myself. I thought that if I had saved a certain amount of money I could say “it is finished” and I would be secure. Sometimes I felt that if my church ministry could attract 500 people then I would have made it and felt “finished.” Other times, especially after a beach vacation, I thought that if I could just retire to the beach then it would be finished! It just seemed like satisfaction was always eluding me.


I was looking for my validation and wholeness and a sense of worth in all the wrong places. At the cross of Jesus Christ, in his dying moments, Jesus proclaimed that everything that I would ever need, the fulfillment of every God-given desire in my life, was finished. It was done. It was wrapped up. It was given. I did need to look anywhere else. Satisfaction was going to come from no other place. Jesus completed what I needed.


The fullness of his grace toward me was finished.

This salvation I needed was finished.

The forgiveness that I craved was finished.

His rescue of my past, my present and future was finished.

The release of his glorious gifts toward me was finished.

My worries were finished.

My fear was finished.

My needing everyone’s love and approval to feel good was finished.


There was nothing I could add to what Jesus did at the cross to make what he did any better. I had been looking for my wholeness in some accomplishment that I could do instead of looking for it in what Christ did. I try not to live that way anymore. He never said, “it will be finished when…” but he did say, “It is finished.”


There is great peace when we live our life under the banner of “it is finished.”

Many Paths or One Way?

John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.


Acts 4:12 There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”


In America the above verses are deemed to be offensive, judgmental and too exclusionary. We may ask, “how can anybody say that there is only one way, only one path when there are so many sincere people following other ways?” Today for us to believe in “one way” is the height of arrogance and unenlightenment. Oprah doesn’t believe that. Ellen doesn’t believe that. Dr. Phil doesn’t believe that. Dr. Oz doesn’t believe that. Stephen Colbert doesn’t believe it either so must not be true.


It is very fashionable to believe that all paths lead to heaven. Of course we don’t believe that all paths lead to healing when we go to the doctor. We don’t believe any fuel will make our car run. We don’t believe that all roads end up at Myrtle Beach but somehow we have figured out that there is one God behind all of these different religions and that all paths lead to heaven.


If that’s true then God must be a schizophrenic because he’s telling the Middle East about an Islamic path, it’s telling Asia about a Buddhist path, others he’s telling a Hindu path at his telling America a Christian path. I guess God just couldn’t make up his mind!


If every path leads to heaven then Jesus died for nothing. In fact his cruel and torturous death was really just a waste of time because we didn’t need it. When Jesus prayed in the garden before his death and ask for a way out of the cross if there was one, why didn’t his father just say, “oh, you don’t have to do this because I have another path!” If there was another way God was brutal to do that to his son.


Some are offended that Jesus would proclaim that he’s the only way; Mohammed claims the same thing, so does Buddha, so do the Hindus, and the Jews and every other world religion. They can’t all be the only way can they? So that makes Jesus either the only way or a liar and we are not prepared to call him a liar!


I am glad that there is only one way. God makes it simple for all of us. We all have the same way and same requirements to get in and we don’t have to wander around searching the thousands of religions trying to figure out on our own.


What separates Jesus from every other religion is grace; instead of you working harder and making yourself better Jesus does all the work. He did not come the make bad people better but the make dead people live. Jesus allows us to stop trying to validate ourselves and work ourselves into heaven. The cross does all of that for us. All we have to do is receive it. That can’t be bad news can it?


Victims are entitled to compensation. Somebody should pay for the wrong that has been done to them and that somebody should be the rest of us.


I know some victims (unfortunately most of the wrongs done against them in life were a result of their own poor choices, but that doesn’t really matter, they still play the victim card.) Their favorite song is that old standard, “hey, won’t you play, another somebody done somebody wrong song.” Somebody has done them wrong and the wrong done against them is so bad that they may never be able to recover. The injustice against them has become a shrine, maybe even the cornerstone of their whole life. They are in constant need of sympathy and compassion because “nobody understands what I have been through.”


I have no doubt that there are some real victims out there, but a victim mentality has become a cultural trend. It’s almost an American past time. Along with being a victim comes the victim mentality which goes something like this;


–      Because I’m a victim I bear no responsibility for my condition. Your condition is actually my fault, I made you that way and how dare I insinuate that you may be responsible for your own condition. “You made me feel this way, the cigarette companies did this to us, my teachers didn’t like me so I dropped out…” Yes, it’s everybody else’s fault except your own.


–      Because I’m a victim I am absolved of accountability. Don’t dare ask a victim the hard questions to make them accountable for where they are in life; that is insensitive and unfair. Victims avoid accountability like the plague. They would rather recount the story of their injustice than to admit that they actually had anything to do with their present condition.


–      Because I’m a victim I am entitled. Not only am I entitled to be compensated for my sad circumstances and injustices but I should be given leeway to be able to say things and express attitudes that would be inappropriate for those who haven’t been victimized like I have. In other words, when I get angry and fly off the handle and say outrageous things I should be given sympathy because it’s part of my condition as a victim. Victims are entitled to extra understanding, extra sympathy, extra privileges, extra leniency, etc. Entitlement is just another way to say, “you owe me and you better pay up. It’s your fault that I am the way that I am and now you have to make it up to me.”


It is hard to talk to victims because they constantly hide behind their victimhood as an excuse for everything. When one person is blaming another person for the condition of their life it almost makes it impossible to make a move for the better. Logically, if your condition is my fault, then for you to get better would require me to do something about your condition. For you to get better would start with me and that is just illogical and a dumb way to live life. All true change has to start with humility (victims tend to be arrogant), taking responsibility for my life (victims blame others), and taking a step (victims wait for others to take steps).


Don’t fall prey to a victim mentality. When your life is no longer your responsibility or your fault you are in a very dangerous place.

Try to take this away

When my children were young I would play a game with them; I would put a dollar bill in the palm of my hand and then wrap my fingers around it and I would challenge them to break my grip and if they could, that dollar bill would be theirs. They would try that for hours using every technique that they could imagine. The truth was that my grip was too strong for their little hands and the only way they could get that dollar was if I let them.


Jesus played that game too, only with more valuable things than a dollar bill. He puts those who have trusted him, who have believed in him, hopefully you, in the palm of his hand. Here is how we said it in John 10:26 – 30 “My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from the Destroyer for good. No one can steal them from out of my hand. The Father who put them under my care is so much greater than the Destroyer and Thief. No one could ever get them away from him. I and the Father are one heart and mind.”


Imagine you living your life in the palm of God’s hand; a place where you are protected, a place where you are safe, a place where you are cared for, a place of real and eternal life. Imagine his grip on you so strong that no matter what Satan might do he cannot snatch the prize away. What a great place to be!


Sadly, many of us are not living in the palm of God’s hand. We are not living safe, secure and loved but rather we are living fearful, anxious, scared and condemned. Imagine with me for a moment what a life would look like living in the security of the hand of God, living in a place where we are fully alive and fully protected. Wouldn’t we pray bigger? Wouldn’t we risk more? Wouldn’t we let go of things that we hold onto? Wouldn’t we be more fearless? Wouldn’t life have a different perspective? Wouldn’t we even laugh at the devil for trying to pry us out of the hands of God?


That is exactly the place we are put and the place where we live: the palm of the hand of the King of Kings. How foolish it would be to live as a pauper when we have a million dollars in the bank. Haven’t we spent enough time in spiritual poverty and defeat already? The risen Jesus is holding us who have trusted Him. Live from victory, not for victory.

I met the enemy

I met the enemy
Call me simple, call me backwards, or even crazy but I do believe in the evil entity called the devil. He is not your friend. His stated purpose is to destroy you and never let you taste or touch the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He is so ferocious in his hatred toward you that God has limited his power against you. It’s no wonder Jesus teaches his disciples to pray like this; “and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” (Matthew 6:13)

In an interesting moment of insight Jesus says to Simon Peter (Luke 22:31), “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat.” The devil was asking for a personal shot at Peter. The devil is looking for a personal shot against you too.

If I were the devil I would wait until your weakest day and I would come after you. It’s not just you that I’m after, I want your faith, I want your future and I want your family. I would come with temptation like he did with David and Bathsheba; I want you to see it, I want you to desire it, I want you to take it and I want you to hide the results. I would convince you that what is going to hurt you is actually going to help you. I would trap you in your sin. I would never tell you that sin costs more than you want to pay, it keeps you longer than you want to stay and it takes you further than you want to go.

If I were the devil I would try to disqualify you. I would bring up your sin and failure over and over again. I would devalue God, I would keep you from the Bible, I would keep you from church, I would deceive you with lies and I would distract you. I would convince you to pay a high price for cheap amusements and to put a low price on the eternal and I would not let up. No wonder we need to pray for deliverance from evil.

Jesus resisted temptation by being captured by the written word of God. When Satan offered his goods Jesus countered with “it is written.” The soul of Jesus was captured by something bigger than the lure of temporary fulfillment. Your hope to win your face off with the devil is by knowing what is written and being captured by those promises and by standing on those promises. But how can you say “it is written” if you don’t know what is written?

I remember going through some troubling times as a pastor. The devil made his presence known. I was in a weak moment, the church was tottering and along he came barking at me; “this isn’t going anywhere, this will never change, you need to pull the plug on this and watch out for your family. Give up!” His voice got louder and louder until the day that Jesus silenced it and delivered our church. Why didn’t I leave? Why didn’t I give up? One reason that I know; because I had heard the voice of God tell me to stay and it was more powerful in me than that other voice telling me to leave. I could come back against the devil and say, white Jesus, “it is written…”

I’m still standing today with Jesus because he has taught me to resist the devil and has rescued me from his power.

A Morning Prayer for the Resistance

This morning I come against self-pity, depression, ungodly, and low thoughts about myself.
I reject rejection.
I defeat defeat.
In the name of Jesus I take every thought of condemnation, every stronghold of self-hatred and I take every thought and voice in me captive in Jesus name.
I refuse to indict myself.
I refuse to judge myself.
I refuse to incriminate myself.
I freely confess any sin in my life and put it under the blood of Jesus Christ and I will walk as a forgiven man.

I avail myself of the grace of God, every one of his riches, every spiritual blessing and I am complete in Christ; I’m not completed by church attendance, I’m not completed by my wife, I’m not completed by my weight, I’m not completed by my children, I’m not completed by finances, I am complete in Christ and Christ alone. I receive every blessing in the heavenly places given to me through the cross of Jesus.

I will no longer walk by sight but I walk by faith.
I will no longer be tossed by the waves of emotion, I will not be codependent with what happened at church or at work today, I will stand on the truth that Jesus is building his church and he knows what he’s doing.
I accept my circumstances as part of God’s divine order whether it’s his blessing or whether it’s his discipline.

I lift my eyes off of myself and onto the Lord. I will stop punishing myself and beating myself up for my past failures and live with God as my father and my dad. I believe that his redemption touches every area of my life past, present and future. And his redeeming power is at work now.

By faith I will put my hand to the plow to what I have to do now and get it done. I repute whining and will fix what I can fix.
I will fear no evil.
I accept that I am walking in the land of snakes and scorpions but none of these will hurt me in Jesus name.
I will focus on where God is working and not where He is not. I rebuke discouragement in Jesus name. I received my daily bread and take each day as its own adventure with its own opportunities and prearranged meetings as directed by the hand of God.
I will be bold and speak of Jesus in every opportunity.
I will pray with people at every opportunity.
I will love my wife today at every opportunity.
I will use my words to build and not to tear down.
I am a rebuilder of the city.
I am a repairer of the breach.
I am light to the world.
I bring joy and encouragement.
Things are different where I show up.
I will live and enjoy this day.
I will lead without fear this day.
I will make healthy decisions this day.
I will make God’s name famous this day.
I will live in the abundance of the kingdom and I reject the scarcity and poverty mindset of lesser things.
I declare that I’m living under the hand of God whether it be few or plenty.
I declare the glory of God at work in my midst no matter what my eyes behold.

I will take up my shield of faith in the sword of the Spirit and not loosen my grip. I see my enemy as crushed and defeated at the cross of Jesus and that I fight from victory and not for victory.

Like the prodigal son the end of my story is full inclusion in the family, full redemption, full forgiveness, and a restoration of everything that sin had taken away from me and I refuse to live at any level that is any less than that.

I accept my setbacks and my defeats to shape me shape, shape others, to shape the church, to shape the future and I reject them as punishment and a sign of me being a failure.

I’m not doing lowlife anymore, I’m not doing guilty life anymore, I’m not doing “I don’t deserve life” anymore, I’m not doing “rejoicing when others fail” life anymore, I’m not doing pride anymore, I’m not withholding love anymore; Lord I find my life in you. I reject my pride and ask you to remove it from my being.

Lord, I run to you, my shepherd, and find my satisfaction in you.

Ghosts…”I see dead people”

Do you believe in ghosts? Those disembodied spirits who roam around haunting places and scaring people? I do!


In the first church I pastored there was a man named John who showed up about my fourth year in the ministry. John was a former pastor who suffered defeat in his several ministries. When he showed up at our church I thought he might be there to help, he was really there to hate. I suffered abuse from his hands, publicly and privately and finally resigned from the church and left. Many months later I found myself in a new church 300 miles away but you wouldn’t believe who was present at my first board meeting; John. He was sitting in the corner of the room distracting me, scaring me altering my leadership. He wasn’t really there in person, but his ghost was, the ghost of John followed me and tried to haunt me.


I believe that we all have ghosts that haunt us. Even the apostle Paul had some! In 2 Timothy 2:14 Paul talks about Alexander who opposed him. He also talked about Demas who left him. He also addressed the mega-church apostles who tried to undermine his work at Corinth. I’m sure that even though these men were not in Paul’s physical presence he had to deal with the spirits they left behind. We all have our John, we all have our place that is inhabited by ghosts.


So when we do about those ghosts? Three things;


1. Exorcism! Pray those demons out in Jesus’ name!

–      Remove their presence from your heart and your head. Ghosts always rely on intimidation and fear so we must confront them in the name of Jesus. We must evict their presence from the place they want to inhabit in our life.

–      Remove their damage. Those ghosts have done real damage, they haunted you, they scared you, they said things and it’s time to confront what they did and declare those places done.

–      Remove their lasting relational impact. Those ghosts wanted me to change and not trust people anymore, fear what others might do and not be close to another person for fear of betrayal. I can’t give a ghost that much power in my life.


Part of any good exorcism movie is the confrontation of the demon. The demon relies on fear and lies to try to retain his place. If we want to be free of those old ghosts we need to confront them. We need to call them out and then cast them out.


2. Another thing we do about ghosts is just simply to refuse to believe in them.


In most ghost stories the spirit dwells in a certain place because there’s some memory attached to that place. It may be a haunted house where a murder took place or a spot in the woods where a child died but there always seems to be some memory keeping that ghost around.


We need to process those haunted places in our life and evict the spirit that keeps the memory alive. Maybe the memory is a failure or a sin that we can’t escape or a tragic event or even a deep hurt. The ghost of John haunted all of the places where I was to exert leadership and he tried to remind me that I would never make it. At some point I need to face up to those places, deal with the memory, and stop believing in those ghosts that occupy and haunt those places.


3. One last thing is just don’t be afraid of ghosts anymore.


After watching many ghost movies I’ve come to my own action plan if I ever meet a ghost; I am not going to be afraid of them! They can’t hurt me, they can only rely on fear and so far not scared anymore than what can they do? I’m going to meet some ghosts in my future and some of the ghosts of my past will revisit me and a few more will rattle their chains but I will no longer be afraid. There is only one ghost that I will honor; the Holy Ghost!

You can’t Get There From Here

When it comes to where God is taking us we are directionally impaired. We don’t know where he’s taking us and the route that he’s taking us isn’t listed on MapQuest! When the Jews left Egypt under the leadership of Moses and began their route to the Promised Land, what should’ve taken a few weeks ended up taking 40 years. Either somebody’s GPS was broken or God was up to something else.


What I have learned about life is that very often I can’t get there from here. What that means is that God is doing a lot more than just taking me to a new destination; he is doing something in me as we go. Listen to Moses as he reminds the Jewish people that it wasn’t just about getting to the promised land that was important, but the condition of their heart when they got there.


Deut. 8:2 Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands. Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.


We are people who are destination oriented. When I plan a beach vacation I am bent I’m getting to the ocean with as few stops as possible. I’m all about getting to the destination. God is not this way. All along the path to the destination God is developing our hearts. He is developing our character, he is developing a Godward passion, he is developing our faith, he is teaching us to trust and he is humbling us. His true destination for us is not a place but rather it is a state of the heart where we learn to live by “every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”


We mistakenly think that the Christian walk and growth is an accumulation of knowledge and Bible information, but it’s not. Some of the most fanatical and well-versed people in the Scriptures have the most twisted and bitter hearts. What God is interested in is that our Bible knowledge becomes a life-giving truth in our life and the only way that seems to happen is when we undergo testing. We seem to live on a “need to know” basis; in other words, when you need it you will know it and take ownership of it. For instance, we know about grace and we have heard a lot about it but it will never become a reality in our heart until we need it. Moses tells us that God tested his people to find out what was in their heart. It’s not that he didn’t know what was in their heart; it’s that we don’t know what’s in our heart! It’s during testing that we find out what we truly believe.


You can’t get there from here. We all want to get somewhere; a better marriage, closer to God, to make an impact on the world, those are the destinations. The road to get to those destinations is not on a map, you can’t get there from here. The road to those destinations requires a character development, a spiritual life development and a passion for the will of God. Those are the things that God will develop along the way that will serve us well wherever we are.



A reasonable response

1 John 3:16 We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us.


Romans 5:8

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.


When Jesus stepped out of the glories and the perfection of heaven to be born in a stable and to live on this earth, what must have that been like? The only thing that I can compare it to, and it is a very poor comparison, is if you voluntarily left your loving spouse, said goodbye to your precious family, gave up your spacious home with your soft bed in your choices meals anytime that you wanted them, if you gave up your recreation and your comforts, your entertainment, the hot showers and moved into the shabbiest high-security prison in the Third World to live among the worst criminals. You would be in misery. You would be appalled at the conditions. You would be morally offended at the inhumanity that surrounded you. The atmosphere of misery, hatred and hopelessness would be foreign to you. Voluntarily going into that situation is just a glimpse of what it must’ve been like for Jesus to step onto planet Earth.


What made it worse is that Jesus came out of love and his love was rejected. At one point in the life of Jesus you find him weeping; he is standing on a hill overlooking Jerusalem and he’s weeping for the people. These are the very same people who would betray him, lie about him, call him a devil, ridicule him, beat him, mock him, never believe who we said he was, torture him and eventually nail into a cross.


Why is he weeping over these ungrateful reprobates? Because he wants to gather them up under his arms and give them His father’s love, give them salvation, give them abundant life, give them a place in the family of God, give them new life, raise them from their deadness, but they wouldn’t have it. They show their thanks by selecting the life of Barabbas over the life of Jesus and they kill him. But he doesn’t stay dead. God raises him from the dead and exalts in to the highest place with a name that is above every other name.


My question to is; what is a reasonable response to this? What is a reasonable, rational, logical response to Jesus who does this for us?


Some people respond by choosing Jesus as their lifeguard; they want him to watch over them and jump in if he sees them in trouble.


Some people choose him as their religious preference. We just prefer Jesus more than the other guys that called themselves messiahs.


Some people choose him as their estranged wife; like a passionless marriage, two people living in the same home but living their lives in different directions. No real intimacy.


Some people choose him as their insurance policy; if something happens then I will be covered.


Some people choose him as their Golden corral; we are into the stuff that we like and we avoid the stuff that doesn’t appeal to us.


But is that a reasonable response? Is that reasonable? Are you seriously going to choose to say to Jesus, “I put you in this compartment and don’t come out, I make you nominal in my life, and by the way, keep me safe, bless my marriage, get me some good jobs, amen.”


If this is real, if there’s something to this that are reasonable response is to fall on our knees and…

–       get all of Jesus that there is to get

–      and you know all of Jesus there is to know

–      and to believe all that Jesus says there is to believe

–      and to go after the things that Jesus says are worthy to go after

–      and to do everything Jesus tells us to do

–      and to Do Life the way Jesus tells us to do it

–      and to praise Jesus like he’s worthy of it

–      and to lay down before him my every talent, my every dollar, my every hour because it matters how I spend them, and ask him what pleases him.

–      My reasonable response is to make him famous not me famous, to get him glory and not me glory, to get him praise and not me praise.

–      My reasonable response is to stop putting me first because Jesus already promised to take care of me, now I can serve others.


That is what’s reasonable. Nothing less than that makes sense at all.

Got My Back? Got Your back?

David’s emotions are spilling out in Psalm 55 concerning his enemies. His description of his adversaries and the feelings aroused by them are certainly common.


Psalm 55

Listen to my prayer, O God.
Do not ignore my cry for help!
Please listen and answer me,
for I am overwhelmed by my troubles.
My enemies shout at me,
making loud and wicked threats.
They bring trouble on me
and angrily hunt me down.

My heart pounds in my chest.
The terror of death assaults me.
Fear and trembling overwhelm me,
and I can’t stop shaking.
Oh, that I had wings like a dove;
then I would fly away and rest!
I would fly far away
to the quiet of the wilderness. Interlude
How quickly I would escape—
far from this wild storm of hatred.


Now there’s a twist in the story. Maybe we think that he’s talking about those nasty Philistines, or the army of Saul who constantly hunted for him. No, this was way worse than those enemies…

11 Everything is falling apart;
threats and cheating are rampant in the streets.

12 It is not an enemy who taunts me—
I could bear that.
It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me—
I could have hidden from them.
13 Instead, it is you—my equal,
my companion and close friend.
14 What good fellowship we once enjoyed
as we walked together to the house of God.

What made this enemy 100 times worse then his sworn enemies was that this enemy was actually a friend. It was a person he trusted, it was a person he was close to, he was a companion, they went to church together, they shared secrets, they led and fought side-by-side. Now this person, this friend, has become an enemy. He betrayed David. He stabbed him in the back. He broke trust. He wasn’t loyal. He used personal information against David.


It hurts bad enough to be the target of someone who we don’t know who wants to bring us down, like that anonymous letter or blogger, but to be hurt by a loyal friend, that is devastating. David describes the heart of the betrayer in the last few verses:


20 As for my companion, he betrayed his friends;
he broke his promises.
21 His words are as smooth as butter,
but in his heart is war.
His words are as soothing as lotion,
but underneath are daggers!

22 Give your burdens to the Lord,
and he will take care of you.
He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.


Everyone has been betrayed. Everyone has been stabbed in the back. It happens at work, it happens at the club, it happens on survivor, but it’s not supposed to happen in Christian leadership and in church. We are supposed to have each other’s backs. Here are eight ways I believe that we can have each other’s backs in our leadership settings and avoid the pain of the backstabber.


1. I’m going to have your back when critics rise against you and the work that you’re doing. When I hear something negative I’m not just going to simply believe it. I will not assume the worst. I will not assume that your critic has all the facts.


2. I’m going to have your back when you make a mistake. It is not the way of Jesus for me to hold your failure over your head.


3. I’m going to have your back after you have made a decision, even if that decision doesn’t pan out. I will not join the chorus of those armchair quarterbacks who knew what to do.


4. I’m going to have your back by not leading you hanging, in other words I’m going to get back to you with what you need.


5. I’m going to have your back if I hear innuendo. I will step in and stop it.


6. I’m going to have your back by believing that you are a valuable part of the team and I treat you like that to your face and when I’m not with you.


7. I’m going to have your back by not undermining you like Absalom did with King David.


8. I’m going to have your back by treating you with respect in public.


The odd thing about leadership is that when somebody has a problem with you they will often come to me first. If a person has a problem with me they will often come to you first. I want to know that you have my back and I want you to know that I have your back when that happens. Having your back doesn’t mean that I turn my back when I see obvious problems, it simply means that I do not let somebody destroy your integrity, character or reputation while you’re not looking.